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  1. Democrat 101: Subversion, Projection, And How Black Lives Matter Gets Away With Racism

    I was raised in New Jersey as a liberal Democrat but by the time of Obama's candidacy, I was skeptical. I was only 19, though, and I couldn… Read more

  2. It's About China

    I'll admit it: when 2020 began, I was asleep at the wheel. I'd had a thoroughly uneventful New Year's Eve (ok, I passed out on my couch some… Read more

  3. Another Roll Of The Dice

    It's been almost 7 years since I moved to Los Angeles. It's been a thoroughly wacky and fascinating ride but I'm feeling an itch for the… Read more

  4. Business Moves At The Speed Of Trust

    A friend of mine, wise beyond his 20-something years, once told me: "Business moves at the speed of trust" Working at early-stage startups… Read more

  5. 21st Century Digital Boy

    2020 has made it pretty clear that things are gonna get weird in a hurry i expect we'll see lots of prescient science fiction (cyberpunk… Read more

  6. Wow, Very Blog

    Oh hey. Didn't see you come in. Well, here's my blog! I'm way too tired to write an interesting article right now though, so you're gonna… Read more