Hi. I'm Matt.

I'm a concerned American. We've been asleep at the wheel and it's time to wake up.

This is the greatest country on Earth because it can take anyone from anywhere and turn them into an American, and Americans do incredible things.

Lately we've seen the deepest ideals of our country, ideals like free expression and equality under the law, questioned and threatened by cynical, nihilistic forces who are ashamed of America and want to destroy it.

To all Americans: if you truly love this country—our country—now is the time to stand up and act.

We believe every American, no matter what they look like or where their ancestors lived, is created equal and remains equal under the law.

To the extent that we fail to live up to that standard, we should want to do better, but if we lose the value itself, we are toast, and we're getting alarmingly close.

When I'm not steeping myself in the zeitgeist or calling patriots into action, sometimes I write code, lift heavy weights, ride a fast bike (mine is on the left), play guitar, write, and wander around a lot.

If you're bored, maybe you should read my blog.